Slidemoor Installation Gold Coast, Queensland | Me Tender
No need to convert your jetty to a pontoon

Safer for boaring

Local distributor

Install is cost effective

Dock fast, easy and safe

Evidence of better severe weather protection

Simple install - no permits

Floating Docks
Tough Docking
Other Uses for SlideMoor

We provide a “parking cleat” to position on your piling as needed. Just hang the SlideMoor on the cleat for a quick tie up when you return to the dock.

SlideMoor is essentially a maintenance-free system. We recommend on occasion, or as needed, dropping the Slide to the bottom of the Track to remove any marine growth. NOTE: The bearing surface of the Slide is designed to scrape the Track as the boat moves up and down with the tide. Hose the system down when washing the boat. Always check to see if the track bolts and the cleat bolts are properly fastened. NEVER lube the track.

Depending upon your location and usage, you should never have to replace the bearing material.

SlideMoor has a 3 year warranty on the system. Warranty Card must be filled out and returned according to the conditions laid out in the Warranty Form.

Yes. When used as instructed SlideMoor can help protect your boat just as it would all of the time. In the “Conditions” page the same rules apply. The main thing to remember is that big storms and severe weather have surges of water that may push your boat over the range of your track. We can make longer tracks but if the surge tops over the track the SlideMoor can‘t do its job and damage is likely. We can make tracks any length up to 25’ to match your pilings.